ICC World Test Championship (WTC)

ICC World Test Championship (WTC)

The highly anticipated ICC World Test Championship is expected to kick off with Ashes 2019. After the ODI World Cup, the T20 World Cup, the longest format of the game also earned the rank of ICC World Champion. The tournament is expected to increase the excitement and excitement of the cricket test among fans.


When ICC World Test Champion is Going to Start 

It will start on August 1, 2019, and cover 71 Test matches spread over 27 series. This will be played out over a two-year cycle. There are points to be won in each match and at the end, the top two teams will face each other in the final on the Lord’s iconic cricket ground in June 2021.

The top nine teams in the ICC test rankings as of March 31, 2019, have been selected to compete. The teams are India, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the West Indies, and Bangladesh. Each of the above teams will play three home series and three away series. Games in a series can range from a minimum of two to a maximum of five.

The number of matches played by the nine teams will not be the same. Here are the number of matches played by each team:

  • England: 22
  • Australia: 19
  • India: 18
  • South Africa: 16
  • West Indies: 15
  • New Zealand: 14
  • Bangladesh: 14
  • Pakistan: 13
  • Sri Lanka: 13


ICC World Test Championship Points Table system:

Each series will be worth 120 points. Therefore, if it is a 2-game test series, a win will earn 60 points, and if it is a 5-game series, a win will earn 24 points. A tie will be awarded half the points for a win, while a draw will be awarded one-third of the points for a win if the ends in a draw or is tied. If this happens, the team with the highest number of points at the end of the championship phase will be declared the winner.

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