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 GTV Live Streaming – GTV Live Cricket Matches

Gazi TV, known as GTV Live Streaming is a Bangladeshi Sports TV Channel that broadcasts live coverage of all the Cricket match series and T20 Leagues from all around the world. Enjoy all Bangladesh cricket matches live broadcast of Cricket Leagues and ICC events Live on Gazi TV (GTV).

Gazi TV, which Bengali is better known as GTV Live, is a digital cable television channel in Bangladesh. In general, GTV broadcasts information, films, dramas, talk shows, and sports programs in the Bengali language. However, this year Gazi TV bought the live broadcast rights for the Cricket World Cup to broadcast it live in Bangladesh.


BPL – Bangladesh Premier League 2023

Gazi TV is the official Sports channel that broadcasts all cricket matches and leagues live in Bangladesh. GTV to broadcast the live coverage of BPL 2023 Live in Bangladesh; all matches of Bangladesh Premier League 2023 will be live-streamed on Gazi TV. Every Cricket fan living in Bangladesh will be able to enjoy the BPL Live on GTV.


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IPL – Indian Premier League 2023

Being a Sports channel, Ghazi TV will broadcast all Indian Premier League – IPL 2022 Matches live broadcast in Bangladesh. So, if you are a fan of the IPL, get ready for the super exciting cricket League and enjoy the IPL Live stream on GTV.


Cricket Asia Cup 2023

Bangladeshi Fans can watch Cricket Asia Cup 2023 Live on Gazi TV is the official broadcasting partner for Asia’s biggest tournament. it is expected that this time Pakistan to host the Asia Cup but yet there is no confirmed news regarding it till now.

Last time in Asia Cup, Pakistan beat Bangladesh to lift the title, so now there is the addition of one new team “Afghanistan”. The Hype of the Asia Cup will increase because now there will be four teams “India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, & Afghanistan” fighting for the Asia Cup Trophy, catch up on the Asia Cup 2023 Live on GTV.


ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024

Get ready to enjoy the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Live broadcast on Gazi TV as GTV holds the official broadcasting rights to telecast all World Cup 2024 Matches live in Bangladesh. Australia to host all the matches of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Live Stream.


Ghazi TV Channel Information

This Bengali television channel first launched on 12 June 2012. Since then, it has broadcast numerous entertainment and sports programs for Bangladeshis. GTV also purchased the live broadcast rights from BCB for six years from 2014 to 2020. Apart from that, Gazi Tv also broadcasts live BPL matches in Bangladesh.

In 2014, the channel bought a television show directly from BCB for 1.56 billion pounds (US$20 million) over six years (from 2014 to 2020). In 2016, it also purchased the broadcasting rights for the Bangladesh Premier League from BCB.

The GTV channel offers a wide variety of programs, including news, films, plays, talk shows, and sports such as cricket, etc. It is transmitted from his studio in Segun Bagicha in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The channel began airing in Bangladesh on June 12, 2012. You can easily watch the live broadcast of GTV without any annoying registration or advertising.

Gazi Tv or GTV broadcasts live cricket stream all over Bangladesh as they have purchased the rights for the World Cup this means this year they can broadcast all the live cricket matches held in Bangladesh or outside Bangladesh in which their team is playing. You can stream all the matches of the T20 World Cup 2022, BPL 2022, Asia Cup 2022, and all the Bangladesh cricket team’s matches on GTV live.

Not only this as GTV began its communication in 2012 and is now an excellent source of entertainment for observers in Bangladesh. It also broadcast live Bangladesh Premier League. This means you can watch the next BPL 2022 season live on GTV.  Nevertheless, online Cricket fans who are far from home need to watch Live Cricket Streaming in Bangladesh on Ghazi TV.


Gazi TV Live on YouTube

Gazi TV’s official YouTube channel will broadcast live all the cricket matches which are aired on its television as it purchased the formal rights to broadcast live streaming.  As a general rule, Gazi Tv communicates the matches of the Bangladesh cricket team, whether it is the international, the T20, the test, or the ODI.