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Crictime Live Streaming is one of the leading cricket websites to watch all International cricket matches, series, and T20 leagues live online on Smartphones and TVs. Watch all Cricket Matches Live Coverage of India v Pakistan, Australia v England, New Zealand, South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ireland, and West Indies T20, ODI, & Test Series on Crictime.

Crictime launched in 2009, and in no time, this web page dedicated to the sport has created an enormous club of supporters around the world. The ultimate goal of Crcitime’s success is to provide users with free online cricket streaming services.

Crictime is one of Cricket’s oldest websites that offers certain services in all major countries of the world for free. This web page focuses mainly on states where live Cricket was not available, such as Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

To provide high-quality and worry-free live services, Crictime uses one of the best live servers that provides fast real-time stream and cricket of all matches without interference or disruption.

Due to heavy traffic, the servers of many cricket websites did not support the load and stopped live broadcasting services during the big games. But Crictime works with several servers, and if there’s a problem, you can set it on another server and intercept the live stream without missing the live action.

Crictime Live Streaming – Watch Live Cricket Matches Online

Crictime is a free source to watch Live Cricket Matches online for free. Enjoy HD Live Streaming without any delay on this website. Crictime Live Cricket telecast is the prime choice for cricket fans who work at the offices during the match timings or are away from home and do not have access to their Television Screens.

The leading Live cricket telecast on Crictime launched ten years ago in 2009. Since then, Crictime Live Stream has provided live services for Tests, ODIs, T20s, Domestic, and T20 Cricket League matches in 2023.  For each cricket match, whether it’s a test, ODI, T20, or any International cricket match, live broadcast rights are offered by the International Cricket Council to TV Channel Broadcasters and official Live Streaming sites.

However, these official live cricket stream sites charge their visitors heavily and offer live cricket matches online on a monthly subscription plan or pay-per-demand. The idea behind the Crictime was to provide live cricket online cricket fans with free-of-cost services.

Since then, Crictime has served many online cricket fans during the big cricket tournament, such as ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, Asia Cup, and Cricket Series, including Tests, ODI, and T20 cricket matches online 2022 Live on Crictime.

Crictime offers live cricket broadcast servers to ensure consistent and uninterrupted live cricket streams for online cricket fans. This why Crictime is always the first choice of online cricket geeks to watch online cricket matches without paying any money.


Live Cricmela


Pakistan Super League – PSL

Pakistan Cricket Board – PCB made all the arrangements for the next edition of the Pakistan Super League. PSL 2023 will be the eighth edition of the tournament featuring six teams. PSL 8 is scheduled to start in February-March 2023 and the matches will be played in different cities.   Crictime Live PSL 2023 offers a live cricket stream during the hi-fi matches of the Pakistan Super League.


Indian Premier League – IPL 

Indian Premier League – IPL 2023 is a grand Cricket tournament for Indian Cricket fans. This year IPL 2023 Live is to be held between March-June 2023 in India. This will be the 16th season of the Indian Premier League IPL 2022. IPL season 16th matches will be live telecast on the official TV Channels across the globe. However, Indian cricket fans can enjoy a free stream of IPL 2023 live matches at Crictime.


ICC T20 World Cup

Crictime Live Stream & broadcast will be providing live cricket streaming during the mega cricket tournament of the T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia. Or you can watch ICC T20 2022 Live telecast on Fox Sports as well.

This year, T20 World Cup is to be held in Australia from 15th October 2022 to 18th November 2022. 16 teams will battle in the seventh season of the T20 World Cup 2022 to claim the World T20 title.




So, if you’re an online cricket geek and want to watch live cricket matches, we recommend you visit Crictime. The Crictime website has six dedicated servers to ensure that live cricket users do not miss any action during live cricket matches.

Live Cricket Streaming is always the best plan for a cricket enthusiast when looking for online sources to watch live cricket matches. Live Cricket’s official websites still offer high-quality live cricket matches, but they charge a lot to their users in this regard.

That’s why online cricket fans choose free live sites to watch live cricket matches. Therefore, Crictime is one of the best online cricket sites that offer free cricket to cricket fans.