ICC to Increase Teams in the Upcoming ODI and T20 World Cups

ICC to Increase Teams in ODI and T20 World Cups

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is taking steps to emphasize the globalization of cricket. The cricket governing body is considering increasing the number of teams in the ODI and T20 World Cups. Where 20 teams can play in T20 World Cup and 14 teams can play in ODI World Cup.

The ICC is working to include cricket in the Olympics for the globalization of cricket. Work is underway with a view to the 2026 Olympics. The ICC is also bringing back the Intercontinental Cup, which was closed due to financial reasons.

ESPN Cricinfo reports that the meeting of ICC chief executives discussed these issues. Though no decision has been taken on the issues, it is expected that a positive decision can be reached. Because these decisions of ICC have the support of influential countries.

Meanwhile, plans to increase the number of teams in the World Cup is not happening suddenly. In that case, the number of teams in the T20 World Cup may increase to 2024 and the ODI World Cup may increase from 2026.

Currently, 16 teams are participating in the T20 World Cup 2021. If the new idea is implemented, the number of teams in 2024 will be 20.

The ICC has been reducing the number of teams in the ODI World Cup since the 2006 World Cup. Which is currently stuck in 10 teams. Although the number of teams has been reduced on various pretexts, they are on the way to increase the number of teams again keeping in mind globalization.

The Intercontinental Cup was a big platform for ICC allies to prove themselves in first-class cricket. However, after being closed due to financial reasons, the tournament is returning with a new name and a new look. This will pave the way for allied nations to enter Test cricket.

Although there is some skepticism about the format of cricket to be played in the Olympics, it is being speculated that there may be a T-10 version. Besides, cricket may be included in the 2032 Olympics, even if it goes ahead with the 2026 Olympics.

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