Famous Brother Duos in the Cricket History

Dashing brothers duo in cricket history

7 Best Brother Duos in the History of Cricket 

Playing for any international team is proud of anyone. Only selected players have the opportunity to prove their worth and play for their country in International Cricket. However, there have been a lucky few dashing brother duos in cricket history, who belong to a family and have been entertaining the world with their class cricket skills.

We have created a list of some cricketers who are brothers and have played well for their respective cricket teams in the country. Let’s look at the list of the Top, best, and most dangerous brothers in International Cricket History. Following are the Most Elegant and Beautiful Brothers Duo in International Cricket History.


Brother Duos in Cricket History


1) Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya (India)

The Pandya Brothers: Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya are the most beloved current players on the Indian team. They played many times together in the same match.


2) Irfan Pathan, Yusuf Pathan (India)

These Pathan brothers made India proud of their batting and bowling skills. While Irfan was one of the best fast-bowling players and Yusuf is fierce on the Indian cricket team.


3) Steve Waugh, Mark Waugh (Australia)

They were the Australian team’s most trusted twin cricket brothers, whose on-the-field partnership helps Australia win many matches. In 1996 under Steve Australia’s captaincy, he won the World Cup. While Mark is best known for his ability to hit punches, both played the best cricket in the world and are known as the best sibling duo in cricket.


4) Albie Morkel, Morne Morkel (South Africa)

They are the South African team’s best duo of cricketers. Both are fast-bowling players, but Albie, the older brother, is also good at hitting the bat. His long, big sixes made him adorable on the South African team. Both play for IPL teams as well.


5) Brendon McCullum, Nathan McCullum (New Zealand)

Both are excellent in their respective cricket roles. Brendon is a wicket bearer and a fast hitter as well, while Nathan is a bowler. Both players are famous in international cricket for their respective roles in cricket.


6) David Hussey, Mike Hussey (Australia)

Both are the second-best sibling duo on the Australian cricket team after the Waugh brothers. Mike is known for his impressive and furious shots on the field, while David is known as a good suiter in cricket. Both players play for Australia and are also seen playing for IPL.


7) Darren Bravo, Dwayne Bravo (West Indies)

Dwayne is well known for his overall performance. He’s good with the bat and bowling too. He has become proud of the Caribbean team several times with his incredible batting and bowling skills. Darren is Dwayne’s younger brother and is sometimes the wicket bearer on the team he plays for the West Indies team and also plays for IPL teams.



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