Famous Cricketers Who Were Ousted by Women on Social Media

Famous cricketers who were ousted by women on social media

Famous Cricketers Who Were Ousted by Women on Social Media

Cricket is widely regarded as the sport of a gentleman. However, what happens when some players show “unsanitary” behavior outside the field? Some players, at their best, have used their fame, money, and glamour to woo women. Moreover, many cricketers were expelled by women for being so perverted.


Cricketers Ousted by Women 


1) Monty Panesar:

The cricket player English spoke with a woman for hours on the popular dating application Tinder shortly after one of the defeats of the England Test against Australia at the MCG.

Panesar told the woman, a backpacker, that they had to meet at her hotel as the team could not leave. Panesar, who still recovering from a divorce, was surprised when the woman expelled him from social media.


2) Imam-ul-Haq:

The academic aspect of the magnet with glasses can be very misleading. The talented Pakistani batsman was accused of dating about seven or eight girls at a time and his WhatsApp conversations with four of them leaked online.


3) Yuzvendra Chahal:

Indian bowling player Yuzvendra Chahal is very active on Instagram. Once, a user named Niluni expelled the cricket player for sending him messages personally. Chahal responded to a 20-year-old Niluni post that posted a screenshot of the message on his account.

“Why add the cricket player that idk with 1 million followers by sending me random messages?”

Famous cricketers who were ousted by women on social media


4) Mohammad Shami:

Indian pacemaker Mohammed Shami is one of the most controversial cricket players on the planet. Shami appeared in news headlines everywhere for problems in her private life, especially for her hideous marriage to Hasin Jahan.

Jahan accuses Shami of adultery and domestic abuse and even shared several of his conversations with women while they were married.

5) Shane Warne:

Australian legend Shane Warne is infamous for his series of affairs with a large number of women. Therefore, it was inevitable that someone would leak something or another.

The former spinner was caught red-handed sending flirty text messages to a woman on Tinder when he was in London.

Shane Warne ousted by women on social media



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