Best 5 Batsmen with Highest Strike Rate in IPL History

Best 5 Batsmen with Highest Strike Rate in IPL History

The score runs quickly is the most important part of batsmen in the shortest format of the game. Each team needs a batter, who does not need time to settle into the crease and can shoot from the first moment when the required execution speed is too high. In the Indian Premier League IPL Live Streaming 2020, there have been huge occasions when the cricket world witnessed some thrilling chases courtesy of some hitters with a massive striking rate in their stats. We will share a List of 5 Batsmen with the highest Strike rate in IPL history.

Without wasting time let’s take a look at the players with the highest hitting and strike rates in IPL History:

1. Andre Russell (Strike Rate: 186.41)

Andre Russell is called one of the dangerous cricket ball hitters for a reason. With a massive strike rate of 186.41, Russell tops the list of having the highest strike rate in IPL. After playing 64 games, he has 1400 runs on his account with an average of 33.33. He has shattered 96 fours and 120 sixes in this tournament and that sums up why he has the highest hitting and striking rate in IPL history. The hit he played against Royal Challengers Bangalore with a thunderous strike rate of 369.13 for his 13-ball 48* is still considered one of the best T20 hits of all time.

2. Sunil Narine (Strike rate: 168.34)

The second number on the list may surprise some, but it won’t surprise those who are close fans of Sunil Narine and the Indian Premier League (IPL). The mysterious off-spinner became an OFF-roader that batted as a starter for Kolkata Knight Riders throughout the tournament. He has scored 3 fifties while batting at the top and is now regarded as one of the dangerous openers in the T20 format. It is second in the loss of having the highest rate in the history of IPL. Narine, who played 110 games, has a strike rate of 168.34.

3. Moeen Ali (Strike Rate: 165.92)

English all-terrain Moeen Ali had a fairly inconsistent batting order on the national side but has been a top hitter for Royal Challengers Bangalore at the IPL. He has played only 16 games in the tournament but has a massive rate of 165.92, which is the third-highest strike rate in IPL history. He only has 297 runs in his account with an average of 24.75 but proved to be a crucial player for RCB in some games when he started playing.

4. Rishabh Pant (Strike Rate: 162.69)

Rishabh Pant, who is now the regular face of the India team in the limited limit format, received the Indian Premier League (IPL) prominence. He has played a few shooting shots over the years in this tournament, especially for Delhi Capitals and also has a hundred in his name. Pant ranks fourth on the list with an outstanding strike rate of 162.69. After playing 54 games, the wicket-keeper’s batsman has scored 1736 runs to a 36.16 average including 11-year-hundred. Pant has been a great find for India and is a great choice when it comes to IPL.

5. Glenn Maxwell (Strike Rate: 161.13)

Glenn Maxwell is one of those players who hate to take the time to settle for the crease. The Australian batter likes to shoot from the start and so has been the story in the IPL. He has some major hits in this tournament and often turned out to be a nightmare for bowlers. With an incredible hitting rate of 161.13, Maxwell ranks fifth on the list of having the highest Strike rates in IPL. He has an average of 22.90 with the bat after playing 69 IPL games and has scored 6 fifty. When the required execution rate is high, Maxwell is the man to consider if he is in the fold.