5 Bowlers Bowling Most Wickets For Duck

5 Bowlers Who Have Dismissed the Most Batsmen For a Duck in Test Cricket

Top 5 Bowlers Who Have Dismissed the Most Batsmen For a Duck in Cricket

Cricket fans refer to Test cricket as the original form of cricket. As batsmen and bowlers, every player has to do their tasks better. Let’s take a look at the top 5 bowlers who have dismissed or ducked out batsmen the most in cricket.


Bowling Most Wickets for Duck


Player Country Matches Wickets Dismissed
for Duck
% Dismissed
for Duck
1 J M Anderson* England 171 651 109 16.74
2 G D McGrath Australia 124 563 104 18.47
3 M Muralitharan Sri Lanka 133 800 102 12.75
4 S K Warne Australia 145 708 102 14.41
5 D W Steyn* South Africa 93 439 83 18.91



1. James Anderson (109 Batsmen Gone For a Duck) 

England’s James Anderson holds the record to dismiss the most batsmen on a duck in Test cricket as a fast bowler and has topped the list of bowlers who have dug out batsmen in Test cricket more than once. A total of 109 batsmen have been ducked out by Anderson.


2. McGrath (104 Batsmen with a Duck)

Former Australia captain McGrath has also ducked out 104 batsmen in Test cricket. McGrath was one of the top-class bowlers Australia has ever produced.


3. Muralitharan (102 Times Dissmises Batsmen on a Duck)

Former Sri Lanka batsman Muttiah Muralitharan takes third place to dismiss the batsmen most times on a duck. Muralitharan also holds a record for taking the most number of wicket-takers in the history of ODI cricket.


4. Shane Warne (102 batsmen)

Former Australian batsman Shane Warne has ducked out 102 batsmen in Test cricket. Shane Warne was one of the finest test bowlers Australia can ever produce.


5. Dale Steyn (83 batsmen gone for a Duck)

Next to them is South Africa’s Dale Steyn who has ducked out batsmen 83 times in Test cricket.




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