Cricketers with Most Nervous 90s in Cricket

Top 10 cricketers with most nervous 90s

Top 10 Cricketers with most nervous 90s in International Cricket History

Regarding the same thing, we discovered the Top 10 cricketers with the most nervous 90s in International Cricket History, who got out in the 90s nervous the most times in cricket history. There are quite a few surprising names on the list, which would surprise you.

Over the years, we met a few batsmen who lost their wicket when they were between 90-99 runs away from their century. The anxiety batsmen feel between 90-99 runs is known as the nervous 90s.

Scoring a century in any format of the game always increases the player’s confidence, but, when things are falling into place, they find their ways to go back without reaching the three-digit score on the board. Here we have mentioned the top 10 cricketers with the most nervous nineties in ICC History.


Most Nervous 90s in International Cricket


  1. Herschelle Gibbs – 11

The South African superstar finds a place on the list. Gibbs was a South African opening batsman who changed the way South African openers played the first envelopes. It was part of the 434 chases and also gave many flight opening associations. One of his best qualities is that Gibbs always kept the team before him.

Herschelle Gibbs’ skill and longing for extravagance have been unique in international cricket. Beneath his willingness to capture thoughts, he is a cricketer whose adaptability has seen him convincingly through the changing phases of the game.

He played 361 games for South Africa, in which he recorded 11 90+ scores. Herschelle Gibbs finished his career with 35 centuries in his name during his 14-year tenure.


  1. Nathan Astle – 11

The flamboyant hitter Nathan Astle was one of the world’s most underrated cricketers from New Zealand. It was a complete package as a cricketer. Astle made his international debut in the event against Zimbabwe in January 1996.

However, it was during the West Indies tour that Astle began to assert himself as a hitter of the highest caliber. Two centuries on that tour, he was among the best hitters in New Zealand.

When Astle retired, he was New Zealand’s best ODI hitter. He was second in terms of runs scored but had scored ten centuries more than the next hitter on the list. It would have been even more if he hadn’t been fired 11 times in nervous ninety. In total, he played 308 games and scored 27 centuries.


  1. Matthew Hayden – 11

The stylish left-hander is one of the best opening hitters the world has ever witnessed. He completely changed the way he batted in openings. Hayden was the backbone of Australia in all three formats. He was the most consistent for his country. Not only was it steady, but, given his imposing body, he could easily shatter any bowling attack.

Nor did he manage to turn the 90s into centuries 11 times in his career. The flamboyant cricketer played 273 games and scored 40 centuries in his career.


  1. Kane Williamson – 11

In an era where hitters handle the ball around the park, Kane Williamson excels with his touch of silk and class. In his 20s, he has already established himself on the New Zealand side in all formats and is among the best young hitters in the world.

Kane Williamson’s importance increased after his big innings in the World Cup semi-final against South Africa, and now all cricket lovers know the price of Kane Williamson’s wicket in Test or ODI. He currently leads New Zealand in all formats. However, like many stalwart cricketers, Kane Williamson failed to cross the 90s in his career 11 times so far.


  1. Inzamam-ul-Haq – 12

Pakistani batsman Inzamam was one of the best cricketers to play in his country. A country, which is famous for delivering fast bowlers produced a strong Inzamam-Ul-Haq-shaped hitter.

With a magic willow and a pounding effect, Inzamam scored prolifically throughout his career. Whether against fast-bowling players or a spinning attack, Inzamam is endowed with surprising foot game and placement skills.

Nor did he manage to turn the 90s into centuries 12 times his career. The flamboyant cricketer played 499 games and scored 35 centuries in his career.


  1. Ricky Ponting – 13

One of the best hitters, whom cricket, has ever seen. He was an asset to Australia, which mastered the art of batting. Ponting made his international debut in 1995 in an ODI match against South Africa and also made his debut in the Test Matches the same year. He played alongside legends such as Steve Waugh, Shane Warne, Brett Lee, and Adam Gilchrist, to name a few.

Ricky Ponting had all the ingredients of a typical Australian: harsh, aggressive, vocal, and, above all, mentally powerful to deal with pressure situations. In addition to his batting, Ponting is known for his leadership skills.

Nor did he manage to turn the 90s into centuries 13 times his career. The flamboyant cricketer played 560 games and scored 71 centuries in his career.


  1. Jacques Kallis – 13

Undoubtedly, Jacques Kallis remains the most complete of his time. No other player has fused the batting and bowling ability and has consistently performed for a decade and a half in multiple forms of the game as Kallis has.

He was one of the best test hitters of his time, a period that saw Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, and Ricky Ponting. Moreover, also, his bowling is not a minor arrow in his quiver, but an always powerful and sometimes destructive weapon.

Perhaps the greatest all-time off-roader and arguably the best in recent times, Jacques Kallis’s stats in all forms of the game make it amazing. He appeared in 519 games and scored 62 centuries a few times short.


  1. Rahul Dravid – 14

Due to the nervous nineties, the man who led Team India to many memorable victories failed to score the 14th century in the formats. Rahul always played defensively and got even more defensive when he reached 90. Maybe that could be the reason behind this.

Rahul Dravid is known as ‘The Wall’ of test cricket. He was known for passing the long-lasting fold. It holds the record for the most balls faced and the most minutes spent in the crease in test cricket. However, he scored 48 centuries during his cricket career. It covered 509 games during 1996-2012.


  1. AB de Villiers – 14

AB Villiers is arguably one of the best cricketers to have ever played the sport. He was known for his wide range of shots that helped him destroy bowlers on any surface.

De Villiers, who has appeared in 114 test matches for South Africa, has scored 8675 runs with an average of 50.66. It has marked 22 centuries and 46 half-centuries.

The best of the game failed to turn the 90s into centuries 14 times during his career. He appeared in 519 matches and scored 69 centuries.


  1. Sachin Tendulkar – 28

Sachin Tendulkar is the one who introduced the nervous ninety to the game of cricket. I used to find a way out in the nervous 90s. There were times when fans used to pray to see that God would give Sachin Tendulkar those 10 runs, as they could not see the master blaster walk away disappointingly.

Sachin Tendulkar is widely hailed as the greatest cricketer of all time by experts and fans around the world. He’s the one who runs the most in both ODI and test cricket. Sachin came out on several occasions in the 1990s in ODI and testing.

However, he is the one who got the most centuries in International Cricket than any other. He called the curtains after scoring 100 centuries in international cricket. But, still, Sachin Tendulkar is at the top of the list of the Top 10 cricketers with the most nervous 90s in International Cricket History.



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