Top 10 Batsmen with Highest Strike Rate in Cricket World Cup

Top 10 Batsmen with Highest Strike Rate in Cricket World Cup

The ICC ODI World Cup has illuminated the global stage with extraordinary batting exhibitions. Batsmen hailing from diverse participating nations have unleashed their prowess, striving to propel their teams towards the coveted trophy.

Amidst this cricketing spectacle, particular batsmen have graced the tournament with exceptional strike rates, providing a riveting spectacle for cricket aficionados. Interestingly, this surge in high strike rates mainly emerged after the 1999 World Cup, coinciding with the escalation of average scores in ODI cricket.


Highest Strike Rate in Cricket World Cup History

Let’s delve into the elite ranks of batsmen who have not only exhibited incredible averages but have also left an indelible mark on the World Cup arena. Here’s the meticulously compiled list of the top 10 batsmen with the highest averages in ODI cricket World Cup history, complete with their remarkable statistics.


1) Glenn Maxwell – 169.25 Strike Rate

Glenn Maxwell, the Australian dynamo, occupies the zenith of this esteemed list. His unprecedented strike rate of 169.25 exemplifies his mastery in adapting to the modern demands of limited-overs cricket. In his 16 innings, Maxwell amassed an impressive 501 runs, with his highest score reaching 102.

His ability to unleash a barrage of boundaries (54 fours and 21 sixes) showcases his role as an aggressive game-changer for Australia. Maxwell’s presence in the 2015 and 2019 World Cups underscores his consistent impact across editions.

Span Player Team SR Inns Runs HS 4s 6s
2015-2019 Glenn Maxwell Australia 169.25 16 501 102 54 21



2) Jos Buttler – 126.53

Jos Buttler, the English stalwart, asserts his dominance with a strike rate of 126.53. In his 14 innings, Buttler showcased his precision and poise, amassing 453 runs. His remarkable ability to balance aggression with control is evident through his 39 boundaries and 10 sixes. Notably, his highest score of 103 signifies his capacity to anchor innings while maintaining a brisk scoring rate.

Span Player Team SR Inns Runs HS 4s 6s
2015-2019 Jos Buttler England 126.53 14 453 103 39 10



3) Lance Klusener – 121

Lance Klusener, the South African dynamo, carved a niche for himself as a maverick in the middle order. With a strike rate of 121, Klusener showcased his ability to accelerate the innings when needed. Across 11 innings, he amassed 372 runs, often defying bowling attacks with his aggressive strokeplay. His tally of 31 boundaries and 16 sixes reflects his penchant for dismantling opposition bowlers.

Span Player Team SR Inns Runs HS 4s 6s
1999-2003 Lance Klusener South Africa 121 11 372 57 31 16



4) Brendon McCullum – 121

Brendon McCullum, the New Zealand trailblazer, left an indelible mark with his fearless approach to batting. With a strike rate of 121, McCullum pioneered aggression at the top of the order. Across 27 innings, he amassed a staggering 742 runs, etching his name in World Cup history. McCullum’s incredible tally of 77 fours and 29 sixes underscores his role as a true entertainer of the game.

Span Player Team SR Inns Runs HS 4s 6s
2003-2015 Brendon McCullum New Zealand 121 27 742 101 77 29



5) David Miller – 117.94

David Miller, the South African power-hitting maestro, boasts a strike rate of 117.94. In his 11 innings, Miller exhibited his ability to shift gears seamlessly, accumulating 460 runs. His highest score of 138* remains one of the iconic moments in World Cup history. Miller’s prowess is evident through his 29 boundaries and 15 towering sixes.

Span Player Team SR Inns Runs HS 4s 6s
2015-2019 David Miller South Africa 117.94 11 460 138* 29 15



6) AB de Villiers – 117

AB de Villiers, the South African genius, defied conventional batting norms with his 360-degree strokeplay. With a strike rate of 117, de Villiers redefined versatility across his 22 innings, amassing an astounding 1,207 runs. His highest score of 162 remains the epitome of his audacious approach. De Villiers’ staggering tally of 121 fours and 37 sixes underscores his ability to consistently outclass opposition bowlers.

Span Player Team SR Inns Runs HS 4s 6s
2007-2015 AB de Villiers South Africa 117 22 1,207 162 121 37



7) Jason Roy – 115.36

Jason Roy, the English firebrand, embraced aggression at the top of the order with a strike rate of 115.36. In just 7 innings, Roy accumulated a remarkable 443 runs, powered by his explosive strokeplay. His highest score of 153 signifies his penchant for converting starts into substantial innings.

Span Player Team SR Inns Runs HS 4s 6s
2019-2019 Jason Roy England 115.36 7 443 153 51 12



8) Kapil Dev – 115

Kapil Dev, the iconic Indian all-rounder, etched his name in World Cup folklore with a strike rate of 115. Across 24 innings, he contributed 669 runs, often playing crucial roles with both bat and ball. His highest score of 175, including 54+ boundaries and 14+ sixes, reflects his impact as a true match-winner.

Span Player Team SR Inns Runs HS 4s 6s
1979-1992 Kapil Dev India 115 24 669 175 54+ 14+



9) Shahid Afridi – 112

Shahid Afridi, the Pakistani dynamo, symbolized explosive charisma with a strike rate of 112. Across 24 innings, Afridi contributed 325 runs, often igniting the crowd with his power-hitting prowess. His 30 boundaries and 12 sixes epitomize his ability to shift the momentum of a game in a matter of overs.

Span Player Team SR Inns Runs HS 4s 6s
1999-2015 Shahid Afridi Pakistan 112 24 325 37 30 12



10) Kusal Perera – 110.58

Kusal Perera, the Sri Lankan stylist, captured hearts with his elegance and flair, boasting a strike rate of 110.58. In 8 innings, Perera accumulated 282 runs, combining his exquisite strokeplay with timely aggression. His highest score of 78 remains a testament to his ability to anchor an innings while keeping the scoreboard ticking.

Span Player Team SR Inns Runs HS 4s 6s
2015-2019 Kusal Perera Sri Lanka 110.58 8 282 78 31 3




In conclusion, the ICC ODI World Cup has witnessed an array of batting maestros, each leaving an indelible impact on the global cricketing stage. These extraordinary individuals have not only exhibited exceptional strike rates but have also redefined the standards of batting excellence, enriching the legacy of the World Cup’s storied history.



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