Top 10 Batsmen with Highest Average in Asia Cup History

Top 10 Batsmen with Highest Average in Asia Cup History

The Asia Cup stands as a pivotal cricketing competition on the global stage, bringing together some of the finest cricketers in history. Within its realm, the players with the best average scores exhibit not only their remarkable skill but also their unwavering consistency. Their influence on the tournament is profound, leaving an enduring mark that will be cherished for generations.


Top 10 Batsmen with Highest Average in Asia Cup History

Let’s delve into the realm of the Asia Cup, where exceptional batsmen have showcased their prowess by maintaining impressive batting averages. These averages reflect their ability to perform consistently, no matter the stage or opposition. Here’s a closer look at the standout performers in terms of batting averages:


1) Fawad Alam (Pakistan) – 251

Fawad Alam’s name resonates with consistency, underscored by his astounding average of 251.00 in the Asia Cup. His knack for converting opportunities into impactful innings is evident through his highest score of 114*. Over the span of 4 matches, Fawad Alam demonstrated the art of building substantial innings, leaving an indelible impression on the competition.

Player Span Mat Inns Runs HS Average
Fawad Alam (PAK) 2008-2014 4 3 251 114* 251.00



2) SC Khanna (India) – 107

SC Khanna’s brief yet impactful stint in the Asia Cup is a testament to his ability to shine under pressure. With an average of 107.00, Khanna’s performances were marked by his ability to seize the moment and contribute significantly to India’s cause.

Player Span Mat Inns Runs HS Average
SC Khanna (IND) 1984-1984 2 2 107 56 107.00



3) Ijaz Ahmed (Pakistan) – 96

Ijaz Ahmed’s elegant strokeplay and ability to anchor an innings are epitomized by his impressive average of 96.00. His highest score of 124* signifies his capacity to guide Pakistan’s innings to substantial totals, showcasing his mastery in limited-overs cricket.

Player Span Mat Inns Runs HS Average
Ijaz Ahmed (PAK) 1988-1988 3 3 192 124* 96.00



4) AD Mathews (Sri Lanka) – 82.75

Angelo Mathews’ leadership and all-around prowess are mirrored in his Asia Cup performances, as reflected by his average of 82.75. His ability to contribute consistently with the bat, coupled with his tactical acumen, has established him as a significant figure in Sri Lanka’s cricketing landscape.

Player Span Mat Inns Runs HS Average
AD Mathews (SL) 2010-2018 11 10 331 74* 82.75



5) SV Manjrekar (India) – 81

SV Manjrekar’s graceful style and ability to craft innings are emblematic of his average of 81.00. His highest score of 75* is a testament to his capacity to anchor the innings while providing impetus when needed, making him a valuable asset for India.

Player Span Mat Inns Runs HS Average
SV Manjrekar (IND) 1990-1995 7 4 162 75* 81.00



6) Nasir Jamshed (Pakistan) – 74

Nasir Jamshed’s impactful presence on the grand stage of the Asia Cup is highlighted by his average of 74.50. His ability to flourish under pressure and deliver match-defining performances remains etched in the memories of cricket enthusiasts.

Player Span Mat Inns Runs HS Average
Nasir Jamshed (PAK) 2008-2012 6 6 298 112 74.50



7) Moin-ul-Atiq (Pakistan) – 71

Moin-ul-Atiq’s brief yet impressive stint in the Asia Cup showcased his ability to make a significant impact in a short span. His average of 71.50 underlines his ability to capitalize on opportunities and contribute meaningfully to Pakistan’s batting lineup.

Player Span Mat Inns Runs HS Average
Moin-ul-Atiq (PAK) 1988-1988 2 2 143 105 71.50


8) Sohail Tanvir (Pakistan) – 71

Sohail Tanvir’s prowess with both bat and ball is evident through his average of 71.00. His knack for contributing vital runs down the order adds depth to Pakistan’s batting lineup, making him a valuable asset.

Player Span Mat Inns Runs HS Average
Sohail Tanvir (PAK) 2008-2008 5 3 71 59 71.00



9) KM Jadhav (India) – 70

KM Jadhav’s glimpse of skill and potential is evident in his average of 70.00. His ability to adapt to different match situations and contribute effectively showcases his promise as a batsman for India.

Player Span Mat Inns Runs HS Average
KM Jadhav (IND) 2018-2018 6 3 70 28* 70.00



10) Junaid Siddique (Bangladesh) – 67

Junaid Siddique’s moment of brilliance in the Asia Cup is captured by his average of 67.50. His impressive innings reflect his ability to rise to the occasion and make his mark on Bangladesh’s cricketing journey.

Player Span Mat Inns Runs HS Average
Junaid Siddique (BAN) 2010-2010 2 2 135 97 67.50



In Conclusion, the Asia Cup not only serves as a platform for cricketing excellence but also commemorates the extraordinary batsmen who have graced its stage. These players have not only displayed exceptional averages but have also left an indelible legacy, solidifying their names in the annals of cricketing history.



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