Film Industry Actresses Dated More than One Cricketer

Film Industry Actresses Dated More than One Cricketer

Film Industry Actresses Dated More than One Cricketer

The love relationships between actresses and cricketers dating each other have been a pretty old story. Some have managed to keep their love alive by getting married, while others separated after things didn’t work out for them. Here are the 4 Bollywood and Film Industry actresses who had affairs and dated more than one cricketer are the following:


  1. Deepika – MS Dhoni & Yuvraj Singh

It was reported that the talented actress, who is now happily married to Ranveer Singh, was dating MS Dhoni. It was a short-lived relationship as MS Dhoni left his beloved out of friendship, and the beauty queen fell in love with then-star player Yuvraj Singh. Even his relationship with Yuvi didn’t work either, and the duo went in opposite directions.


  1. Anushka Sharma – Suresh Raina & Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli- Anushka Sharma is the hottest couple of the time. The two are considered the prettiest couple in town. But before this hot stuff appeared in the ad, the beautiful actress was rumored to be dating another young Indian woman, Suresh Raina. However, it was all a rumor, but it was still a little recognized.


  1. Riya Sen – Yuvraj Singh & S Sreesanth

However, Sreesanth has now married, but the fast-bowling player had romantic terms with many divas. He dated Riya Sen before his affair with Surveen Chawla, but things never seemed right for the couple. It was then observed that Riya Sen was in love with playboy Yuvraj Singh, which was another “failed” relationship.


  1. Tamannah Bhatia – Abdul Razzaq & Virat Kohli

The actress from southern India has also fallen in love with Virat. It was reported that the batter and actress had a love connection during an advertising session that later became another rumor. Another fake and rumored heroin easy thing that gained popularity was the multifaceted Abdul Razzaq of Pakistan.



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