10 Most Followed Cricket Teams on Social Media [year]

10 Most Followed Cricket Teams on Social Media

10 Most Followed Cricket Teams on Social Media [year]

Social Media is one of the greatest ways to gain recognition. Endorsers and sponsors have made it one of the most effective marketing channels. Therefore, almost every individual and industry have an account on these sites. The same holds for sports teams and athletes, including cricket.

Almost every cricket-playing nation has its social media handling accounts to share the latest news from their respective cricketing boards for getting users’ engagement. This article looks at the most followed cricket teams on social media [year] regarding fan following across different social platforms.


1) India – 76.8 Million

India is the most popular cricket team, evidenced by its massive social media fan base across multiple platforms. On Instagram, 28 million people have followed the official account of the Indian cricket team, and on Facebook, the figure is identical.

The current quantity of Twitter followers is 20,8 million. India has 76.8 million social media followers, which could increase if the team had an official YouTube channel or TikTok account.


2) Pakistan – 18.9 Million

Pakistan has performed exceedingly well in recent years and is best known for its unpredictable play. This characteristic has attracted 18.9 million devoted admirers. Another Asian cricket nation ranks second on the list of cricket teams with the largest social media fan base.

The Pakistan cricket team’s official Facebook page has 9.1 million followers. Twitter has 5.9 million users, while Instagram has 2.4 million. 4.5 million users have subscribed to Pakistan Cricket Official YouTube Channel, which generates substantial revenue for the organization.


3) England – 18.1 Million

Just behind Pakistan, the English team has 18,1 million social media followers. England won the T20 World Cup in 2022 and the 2019 Champions Title. Most of England’s 7.3 million Facebook followers are attributable to their reputation for aggressive play and formidable batting order. While Instagram has 2.2 million followers and YouTube has 7 million subscribers, you can view match highlights on both platforms.


4) Australia – 12 Million

Australia is the most successful cricket team in history, having won five world championships. They have also won the T20 World Cup in 2021, and their combative mentality has made them one of the most formidable competitors.

The Kangaroos have amassed 12 million devoted supporters across various social media platforms, who elate the nation whenever they win a trophy or demonstrate brilliance on the field. Australia has 8.83 million subscribers on YouTube, making it one of Cricket Australia’s finest marketing channels.


5) Sri Lanka – 9.7 Million

Sri Lanka is currently regarded as one of the weakest teams. Still, supporters anticipate an incredible revival from the 1996 world cup champion.  Sri Lanka has recently won the Asia Cup, elevating their standing and attracting admirers and sponsors. Sri Lanka ranks fifth on the list of cricket teams with the largest social media following, with 9.7 million followers.


6) West Indies – 7.8 Million

Similar to Sri Lanka, the black cyclone has lost its identity. In the past, they were renowned for generating lethal bowlers and batters, such as Brian Lara. However, they are in disarray and frequently enter ICC competitions as underdogs. However, their performance has mostly stayed the same as their social media fan base.

The team’s official Instagram account has 989k followers. The largest contributors, however, are the 3.47 million YouTube subscribers. Thus, the total number of fans has surpassed 7.8 million.


7) Bangladesh – 7.5 Million

Bangladesh’s T20 cricket competition, the BPL, which has featured superstars such as Ab De Villiers and Shane Watson, has been a major contributor to the country’s cricket development. In addition, they have given opponents a difficult time in international competitions and ICC tournaments.

Bangladesh has the largest follower base on the social media website Twitter, with 3,4 million fans following their official account. The number of Instagram followers is 2.5 million.


8) New Zealand – 5.9 Million

The Kiwis are one of the most consistent cricket nations, having played epic in nearly every ICC tournament and bilateral series. They also won the World Test Championship in 2021 and placed second in the World Cup in 2015 and 2019.

There are 1.6 million subscribers to the New Zealand cricket team’s YouTube channel, where they post-match highlights and behind-the-scenes interviews. They have a total fan base of 5.9 million individuals.


9) Afghanistan – 3.7 Million

The Afghanistan cricket team has made a significant impact in Twenty20 cricket. The spinners, including Rashid Khan, Mujeeb Ur Rehman, and Nabi, have completely shaped the team’s direction.

Therefore, the Afghanistan cricket team is gaining popularity and has 3.7 million followers across various social media platforms. They have 2.6 million admirers on Facebook, which is the greatest marketing source for the board.


10) South Africa – 3.5 Million

After the retirement of stalwarts like De Villiers, JP Duminy, and Hashim Amla, South Africa faces a decline. Since 2019, they have not advanced to the second round of any ICC competition and are presently putting on the worst performance in their history.

They have a collective fan base of 3.5 million people. Their Twitter account, with 1.3 million users, and their Facebook page, with 1.1 million users, are the primary contributors to this cause.



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