ICC Cricket World Cup Winners of All Time

ICC Cricket World Cup Winners of All Time

The Cricket Council started this event in 1975 as this tournament is only for the ODI formats and it held after every 5 Years. There are five teams that won the ICC world cup titles so far which includes Australia, India, West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

Amazingly Australia won 5 titles 3 in a row 1999, 2003, and 2007 respectively while again won the last ICC World Cup final between New Zealand back in 2015. India Australia and Sri Lanka are the only teams that hosted the tournament and won the titles. As this year ICC World Cup 2019 is going to be held in England, there are many chances that England is going to win this tournament as they are one of the trending teams that are capable of winning the title, but keep in mind that England hasn’t won any of the World Cup titles.

Here are the stats of the teams, years and winners of all times in World Cups.

Year Winners Runner Up
2015 Australia New Zealand
2011 India Sri Lanka
2007 Australia Sri Lanka
2003 Australia India
1999 Australia Pakistan
1996 Sri Lanka Australia
1992 Pakistan England
1987 Australia England
1983 India Wes Indies
1979 West indies England
1975 West Indies Australia


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