Zainab Abbas In Expert and Commentary Panel

In the panel of experts, the former Pakistani cricketer Aamer Sohail is joined by Brad Hogg and Shaun Tait from Australia. While Hogg has also been in the studio business for other T20 ligaments and international cricket. Shaun Tait will have his first important position as an expert. The league has also been able to get three exciting hosts during the season.

Zainab Abbas In Expert and Commentary Panel

Good news for the PSL fans that you will again see Zainab Abbas in expert and commentary panel which will make this season also wonderful.

The lovely lady Erin Holland will be joined by the renowned presenter, Zainab Abbas. Holland has lots of experience in being a T20 league presenter. The two ladies will also see Fakhar-e-Alam that’s not the end of it. The review panel also has some very big names. The most famous of the lot is Alan Wilkins and Dan Morrison.

Michael Slater and Ramiz Raja will also continue to be in the season command box. Other famous Players will also take part in the PSL ‘s fourth season commentary team. Zainab Abbas is a prominent face of the league and she welcomed the fresh faces of the panel of experts and the Commentary panel.


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