Yuvraj Singh cleared in domestic violence case as accuser Akanksha Sharma apologises

Yuvraj Singh Cleared in Domestic Violence Case as Accuser Akanksha Sharma Apologize

The name of former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh has swept away in the case of domestic violence against his brother Zoravar. However, with the matter recently resolved after an apology from the accuser, the family said Wednesday that it can now begin to heal. Yuvraj named in the domestic violence case brought by Zoraver’s detached wife and the famous Bigg Boss Akanksha Sharma.

After a four-year legal battle, Akanksha and Zoraver divorced earlier this month, and the former apologized to Yuvraj and his family for making false accusations against them. Zoraver and Akanksha’s marriage lasted only six months.

“Finding no other way to escape the legal process against her, Ms Akanksha Sharma apologized and admitted that all her accusations were false and incorrect and withdrew from it,” Yuvraj Singh’s family said in a statement.

Yuvraj and his mother Shabnam Singh named in Akanksha’s domestic violence complaint at a Gurugram court on October 2017.

“The only perspective we want to present is that we were vulnerable targets as one of the family members, that is, Yuvraj Singh was, and is adored and loved by millions,” the statement said.

“His great reputation was put into play for unlucky personal reasons in the most unfair way in the hope of gaining some advantage that otherwise should not be. We can only be proud of Yuvraj Singh once again, who have always decided to struggle with unwavering faith in God and the judiciary of this great country,” the statement adds.

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