Kemar Roach Miss out his Hat-trick Against India

Indies Kemar Roach Miss His Hat-Trick by an Inch against India

Two balls, Two edges, Two wicketkeeper catches. Kemar Roach eliminated troubled opener KL Rahul for 6 and Indian captain Virat Kohli for his fourth Test duck. And when AjinkyaRahane pulls the ball from the hat to the stumps, Roach is sure the ball will hit the stumps. But he doesn’t, Missing an inch, and the fast-bowler collapses sit on the pitch. Kemar Roach sits there for a minute, unable to believe his luck as Roach Miss his Hat-Trick by an Inch.

“Of course!” exclaimed Roach when asked if, for a second, he thought he had “successful the hat-trick”. “It was a good feeling. The Indian batting lineup is robust, so being on a hat trick against these guys is a good feeling. I would have liked to have had it, but a little more luck next time, it will hit the stumps, and it will go as I want, but I’m pretty happy with what happened.

“I think as a bowling group, and we are happy with what we have accomplished so far. Congratulations to the guys. Happy for me to be, of course, among some of the best, so it’s also a great achievement for me.”

Attention is focused on the West Indies – now beating with India giving them a massive victory of 468. But Roach has a plan. There is more time than necessary,” he said. “There are only two days left in the test match. Just beat. Nothing more to say about that. The guys “haven’t gotten a good score in this Test series so far, so these are guys who apply and come out of there and are positive and put a few points on the board.”

The West Indies can get carried away in conditions becoming a little better for batsmen, but Roach said it would always be a challenge with bowlers such as Bumrah and Ishant Sharma making near-perfect deliveries.

“It’s flattened a little more. It is not as dynamic as the first two days. There’s still enough room for bowlers. You still have to apply yourself as a batsman and have to get that score, but I think once you get in a lot easier, then that’s all for the guys to be positive, squeaky and get the score. “

Roach is keen to help in that regard as well. “Yeah, obviously, I’m pretty confident with the bat recently. Support my abilities, trust my talent and go ahead and hit the ball. I do it very well, and I’m very proud of that. I just keep it simple for myself – I know my shots, and I wait for the bullets to come in that area. “

Talking about the West Indies bowling unit, including his relationship with Skipper Jason Holder and Shannon Gabriel, Roach stated that they “have performed exceptionally well over the past two years and that they have communicated well as a unit.

-Kemar Roach-

“I think it’s about bowling in partnership. I think all the teams do it – the Indian team does it very well as well. I think we’ve been together for a while, so we understand each other. So we know when it’s time for us to hold on and when it’s time for us to attack and give you a break and let someone else get involved. I think we have done very well, we are very synchronized, and we communicate very well with what we want to do.

“I think the thing about it is that we stick a lot, that we communicate very well. So we know what we’re talking about and what roles we have to play in specific sessions. So our clarity is evident when it comes to bowling. So I think that’s what’s been working for us for the last two years. If we stay together and stay apart, I think we will have great things to come for us in the next test matches. “

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