Ben Stokes gets angry after getting out, Fourth Ashes Test

Watch Video: Ben Stokes gets angry after getting out, Fourth Ashes Test

However, unlike the third Test, Ben Stokes asked to play the role of a defender to secure a tie while fans expected a lot from the 28-year-old, but the New Zealand-born faced only 17-balls and got angry after getting out.

Unlike the second and third games of the Ashes Test, Ben Stokes could not do much with the bat this time during the fourth Ashes Test that Australia won by 185 runs. Earlier, during the third and second Ash Test match, World Cup-winning Ben Stokes played a crucial role in saving England from the jaws of defeat.

In both Test matches, Stokes scored centuries that helped England draw in one and win the other. Ben Stokes’ 135-match winning innings denied the Australian winning the third Ash Test and retaining the ballot box.

Stokes was again expected to repeat a similar kind of performance when England set a massive target of 383 in the fourth inning. However, after England lost two first wickets in the form of Rory Burns and Captain Joe Root, Stokes entered the middle to bat after Pat Cummins sent Jason Roy back to the ward. During that time, the hosts still needed 317-runs to win to seal the series.

Pat Cummins made a back length delivery that forced Stokes to back off. The batsman was perplexed and, in the end, tried to abandon the ball. However, it was too late to leave the ball that passed by his bat. The captain and batsman of Aussies Tim Paine left no stones unmoved to catch the ball.

After Cummins began appealing, Paine also joined him in celebrating the firing of the man from the last game. However, the referees on the pitch not moved by the Australians’ appeal. However, Stokes, who knew in the background that he hit the ball, began to walk towards the pavilion.

Former West Indies bowler and commentator Michael Holding told Sky Sports: “The referee hadn’t moved, but Ben Stokes left. You don’t see it too often in the modern game. He knew it. He just walked.”

An agonizing Stokes who, after leaving, vented his anger by crushing his bat on the ground. Australia ultimately claimed victory in the fourth Test match for 185 runs and retained the Ashes.

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