Former Pakistani skipper and the member of 1992 World Cup winning team, Wasim Akram has backed up farewell requests for the failed Shoaib Malik and urged everyone to remember his services to the country.

Wasim Akram is currently commenting at the 2019 World Cup, said that unfortunately, Malik is not at the top as it should be while playing your last World Cup. But the King of Swing said he believes that he deserves a farewell given his services to Pakistan’s cricket.

“Although he was unable to perform at the World Cup, that can happen to anyone,” he said cricket services for the country must be taken into account, as he has won many matches for Pakistan and at the end of the day.” He’s a good guy.”

The legendary fast bowler, King of Swing Wasim Akram, whom Shoaib Malik has also played with, answered in the affirmative question when asked if the all-rounder Malik would play his last match. But he added that giving a farewell dinner would suffice for Shoaib Malik.

“Let’s leave him a good goodbye for once, no one will deliberately zero out and perform well for Pakistan in the past.”

The elder player of Pakistan, Malik, who has scored 8 runs in the first three matches at this World Cup, is so far the worst player from Pakistan in this tournament of ICC World cup 2019.


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