Waqar Younis apply for head coach Pakistan cricket team

Waqar Younis to Apply for Head Coach of Pakistan

Former Pakistani hall of Famer and the greatest bowler of his era, Waqar Younis is still considering joining the race to be the head coach of the Pakistan Cricket Team, having applied for the vacant position of a bowling coach.

According to The Latest Cricket News, the former player confirmed his interest in the role of a bowling coach.

Waqar Younis Said

I’ve only applied for the position of bowling coach so far, but I still have a few days left, so I could apply for the head coach position as well. However, I feel like I’m not prepared for that and I can contribute better in the bowling department for Pakistan. When you’re not mentally prepared for something, you have to stick to your experience.

Waqar is confident that he will feel comfortable working with any head coach as he said that

I wouldn’t have a problem working with anyone, as I learned to train while playing and working with different coaches. These things don’t matter in today’s age. Ricky Ponting is also currently working with Justin Langer on the Australian technical staff.

My reputation shouldn’t matter, as our goal should be to take Pakistan’s cricket forward, Waqar Said.

The 47-year-old, Waqar Younis feels that former Pakistani captain Misbahul Haq will be able to adjust to the head coaching job if given the responsibility.

Legendary Cricket Said about Misbah ul Haq

Misbah is a wonderful leader who had taken Pakistan to the number one place in test cricket. I’m not sure how he’s going to be as a coach, but leaders like Misbah can learn and adapt well to new roles.

Waqar has also endorsed the decision of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to reduce the number of teams in national cricket.

I agree with the PCB movement as the smaller teams will improve the quality of first-class cricket. I had mentioned the same thing in my report to the board three years ago. Hopefully, moving to the provincial teams of the cricket department will generate more interest in people in national cricket, which could lead to matches being televised.

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