Pakistan’s former cricketer, Waqar Younis, pointed to the inconveniences that led to Pakistan’s failure at the 2019 ICC World Cup, which held senior players accountable. Speaking to the reporters, the 47-year-old former Pakistani skipper revealed that senior players try to move forward with their careers when they should be asked to quit. Until the last moment, our World Cup team was not fine and clear. There’s a big problem that high-level players try to prolong in their careers. And there’s no one to tell them it’s time for them to gracefully retire, the legend said.

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He went on to mention that the shapes and physical form of the players should not be compromised. The way we fight to win Afghanistan in the final should not be so. Our biggest problem is that we make concessions in selection on issues of fitness, seniority, and other issues. Besides, he said that every four years, when the World Cup arrives, Pakistan presents the same team with only minor changes of one or two players.