Wahab Riaz Takes Break From Red Ball Cricket For Indefinite Time

Wahab Riaz Takes Break From Red Ball Cricket For Indefinite Time

Pakistan’s veteran fast-paced bowler Wahab Riaz decided to take a break from red-ball cricket while he has not ruled out his return, Riaz has also failed to specify any exact time period. The decision was motivated to focus more on limited cricket.

Riaz, who last played first-class cricket in November 2018, passed his decision to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The fast-wing edging player has also broadcast that he will not participate in the upcoming Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, the first-class competition in Pakistan.

Wahab Riaz, 34, played his last Test against Australia in October 2018. He has played only four Test Matches since 2017. Having made his debut in the Test Match in 2010, Riaz has appeared in 27 Test Matches for Pakistan, claiming 83 wickets including two five -Wicket hauls to his name.

Riaz to Focus on Limited Overs and T20 cricket

Wahab Riaz, in a statement, said he had made this decision after reviewing his performance in recent times. He also stated that he wants to focus more on limited cricket with World T20 in Australia, next year in a row.

“After reviewing the performances of my last two years in red-ball cricket and the next limited-overs cricket, I’ve decided to take some time off from first-class cricket. During this period, I would like to focus on cricket over 50 and over 20, and continue to access my fitness for the longer version of the game,” Riaz said.

Also, Wahab Riaz has not completely ruled out his return to red-ball cricket. However, the pacemaker said it would only do so if you are sure you can deliver it by the side. Riaz met with PCB officials to convey their decision and thanked them for their understanding.

“At one stage, I feel like I can not only come back but also act with the red ball; it would be available. The PCB had been trying to convince me to pursue my career with the red ball, but today I met with them to convey my decision. I am grateful for your understanding and support,” Riaz concluded.

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