Wahab Riaz Considers IPL as the Best T20 League in the World

Wahab Riaz Considers IPL as the Best T20 League in the World

Which franchise league is the best? There has never been less argument or debate about it. That is happening every moment. Almost all the cricketers want to prove that their country’s franchise cricket is the best. According to Wahab Riaz, IPL is the best T20 League in the world for having world-class players from all around the world.

Despite being a regular face in the first edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Wahab Riaz never got a chance to play in the IPL. He is also the highest wicket-taker in the history of PSL. But for him, IPL is the best. He also explained why it is the best.

In an interview, Wahab Riaz said that the Board of Cricket Control in Cricket India (BCCI) sets the schedule of the IPL in consultation with the cricket boards of all the countries. So the best cricketers from all over the country can play during the IPL.

Riaz added that most of the foreign cricketers who play in the PSL are not permanent in the national team. And because cricketers are taken through auction in IPL, all the cricketers get the highest price there, which is not the case in PSL. Because PSL player is draft.

Wahab Riaz said in an interview on Cricket Pakistan’s YouTube channel, “All the best cricketers in the world come to the IPL. You can’t compare between IPL and PSL. This is another level tournament. Their commitment, management is quite different.

Wahab Riaz said, “I don’t think the IPL should be compared to any other league. But if you consider any tournament as the best after IPL, it must be PSL.

Although he called IPL the best, he has kept PSL at the top in one respect. Wahab Riaz said that it is very difficult to bowl from IPL to PSL. That is why there is no run festival in PSL.

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