Virat Kohli Reviews on getting 3 out of 100 in mathematics in school days

Virat Kohli Reviews on getting 3/100 in mathematics in school days

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli recently revealed that he was never very studious or “smarter” in his school days, but he always managed to understand things quickly. However, one topic that always kept Kohli alert was mathematics. By his admission, Kohli has never worked hard even for cricket, as he did to pass math on his class 10 exams.

Kohli about Mathematics in School

“So in math, we used to have exams and the maximum grades we could get at 100, right. I used to get 3, and it was so good. I didn’t understand why anyone would want to learn math,” Virat Kohli said on an Internet sports program, “in-depth with Graham Bensinger.” “I couldn’t understand the complications.

“I couldn’t understand the formulas and believe me; I’ve never used those formulas in my life.” I just wanted to pass my tenth-grade exam, because they used to happen at the state level and after that, you could choose whether you wanted to continue with the math or not. I’m telling you, I’ve never worked as hard in cricket as I did to pass that exam so that I can avoid the subject forever,” Kohli added.

The Skipper of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli can have all the answers to what the bowlers throw at him, whether rhythm or turn. Virat Kohli works tirelessly on networks for hours so it can be useful for India when it matters most. From a young Delhi cricketer during his U-19 days, Virat Kohli has now become one of the best Batmen in the world. He is also one of India’s fittest athletes.

Today, however, statisticians around the world have to return to numbers at the time Kohli takes the fold, as there will always be the ability to create records. So Kohli, who hated numbers and formulas in mathematics, is seen today in amazement after the number of runs he has scored.

Virat Kohli’s next assignment will be the local series against South Africa from 15 September. India recently began its Test Championships campaign with a 2-0 series victory over the West Indies. He would certainly like the team to keep the same winning streak.

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