Virat Kohli has not been paid for 10 months

Virat Kohli has not been paid for 10 months

Most of the cricket boards in the world have suffered financial losses due to Corona. That is why many boards have laid off some of their officers. Not only the board officials have been sacked but also the salaries of the cricketers have been slashed. Virat Kohli has not been paid for 10 months. However, there has been no mention of cuts in the salaries of cricketers or layoffs in Indian cricket.

However, the Indian media reported different information. According to Indian media reports, the BCCI has not paid the salaries of 26 cricketers who have been on central contracts for 10 months, despite reports of cuts or layoffs.

According to the Indian Express, the BCCI has not been paying cricketers like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma since October 2019. Not only salary but also match fee is due to the board. They have not received fees for matches played since December last year.

Kohli will get two Tests, nine ODIs and eight T20I matches for the board. The Indian Cricket Board spends a total of Rs 99 crore a year on the salaries of cricketers. Which is what the BCCI is capable of giving for a few years. If you look at the calculations given by the BCCI.

In 2016, the BCCI said they owned Rs 5,526 crore. Besides, the board has a deposit of Rs 2,292 crore. However, one of the reasons for the salary arrears is believed to be the vacancy of the post of Chief Treasurer of the Board since December 2019. That is why the cricketers’ salary exemption was not signed.