Virat Kohli First Meeting with Anushka Sharma

The skipper of the Indian national cricket team has long been in contact with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and then married her. They have always given the goals of the relationship for young people out there with their unconditional love. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli describes the duo’s first reunion when Virat Kohli meets Anushka Sharma for the first time.

Virat Kohli recently stated that Anushka Sharma had changed a lot for him in his professional and personal life. He gave her a lot of credits for changing her a lot. Virat Kohli said he was suppressing the assault after the marriage and was pursuing things professionally.

In revealing the story, Virat Kohli said he met Anushka Sharma during an advertising session for a shampoo. He was so nervous that Anushka was a professional actor, able to shoot things quickly while Kohli was relatively new to the field.

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To avoid stress, Virat Kohli joked an Anushka Sharma, which was not very positive for the Indian skipper. Kohli said he looked like a fool in front of her because the joke wasn’t that bad. However, after that, they became friends and enjoyed everyone’s company, which saw them married.

“The first time I [Virat Kohli] met her [Anushka Sharma], I immediately made a joke. I was very nervous, and that’s why I made a joke because I didn’t know what to do. I was standing on set, and I was very nervous and nervous,” Kohli said.

“I thought I[Kohli] was funny (when I made a joke) and I said something that probably wasn’t the right thing to say. She[Anushka Sharma] is tall and wearing heels (made a gesture that is not too much), and she was told that I’m not that tall, I’m not more than 6 feet or something like that … she came in with heels and looked bigger than me, and I was like you didn’t have a pair of higher heels,”.

“Then it seemed to me, “Excuse me,” and then I said, “No, I’m joking.” My joke became such a strange moment for me. I was so crazy, to be honest. She was so confident that she is regularly on set,” he said in a recent interview with US television presenter Graham Bensinger.