Uncle Chicago also said goodbye to cricket with Dhoni

Uncle Chicago also said goodbye to cricket with Dhoni

Former India World Cup-winning captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has retired. After the legend announced the departure of this cricketer, his crazy uncle-Chicago also said goodbye to the cricket and decided not to travel to watch cricket.

Mohammad Bashir Bozai alias Chacha of Pakistani descent, who runs a restaurant business in the United States, was one of the main characters in the gallery during the India-Pakistan match in Chicago. The Punjabi he wore on the field and all the hats he wore was Dhoni’s pictures. Despite being a Pakistani, he used to lash out at his favorite cricketer Dhoni in the match, and that is why he had to listen to a lot of bitter words from his compatriots.

Uncle Chicago’s love for Dhoni started during the 2011 World Cup. Tickets for the India-Pakistan semi-final in Mohali were then a treasure trove. At that time, India’s ‘Captain Cool’ Dhoni has taken place in the heart of this Pakistani fan by arranging match tickets for his uncle Chicago.

Since then, Dhoni has often sent match tickets, jerseys, etc. as gifts to his uncle in Chicago. Uncle Chicago recounted those memories in an interview with PTI after announcing his retirement, “Sometimes I met him. 2019 did not become an opportunity to meet. However, he sent the match tickets as usual. He called me to his room during the 2016 Asia Cup and gave me his jersey, before that he also gave me his bat twice. If he never got a chance to meet me, he would send tickets with one of his assistants. He didn’t need to do anything, but he did. ”

However, Uncle Chicago will never forget an event during the 2015 World Cup. “I will never forget an event during the 2015 World Cup. I was watching the game in Sydney, it was getting quite hot that day. And I sat in the sunlight. Then Suresh Raina came from nowhere and gave me a pair of sunglasses, and said, “It’s not me, Dhoni’s brother sent it for you.”

Uncle Chicago also used to slit his throat for Dhoni in the game. But that’s why Pakistanis used to say so harshly to him, “Once Pakistani supporters in Birmingham called me a ‘traitor’. But I avoided them. I love both countries and I value humanity the most. “

The 85-year-old uncle Chicago will not be eager to watch cricket even if he travels the world to watch Dhoni’s game. Instead, he would like to go to Ranchi (Dhoni’s residence) in India and wish his beloved cricketer all the best for the future. “If everything goes well, I will go to Dhoni’s house in Ranchi,” he said. That’s all I can do to wish him well for his future. “

However, he also wanted to go to see Dhoni’s game in the IPL. However, Bashir Bozai, who has had three heart attacks, does not think it is appropriate to travel in the current situation. “I would have gone to see him in the IPL as well. But the travel hurdles and my heart condition don’t seem safe.