Umpires admitted Mistake in ICC World Cup Final 2019

A ball kiss from the bat of diving batsmen Ben Stokes while attempting to complete a second run diving at the crease. The ball hits the bat and goes for boundary and Sri Lanka referee Kumar Dharamasena awarding six runs for it.

Three balls later, scores at 50-overs were tied when England reached 241-10 while chasing a target of 241-8 by New Zealand. He took the end of biting his fingernails to a Super Over that was again tied, but England lifted the trophy under having scored more boundaries.

Critics, including former lead referee Simon Taufel, said England should have received five runs, not six, as the batsmen had not crossed for the second run by the time the ball was thrown. Former Sri Lanka Test player Dharamasena told the reporters that he did not have the benefit of television replays that showed the batsmen had not crossed paths.

Dharamasena Says:

“I agree that there was an error of judgment when I see it in the TV replays now”. Dharamasena, who was refereeing the final with the Marais Erasmus of South Africa, told the reporters. “But we didn’t have the luxury of TV replays on the floor and I don’t regret the decision I made,” Dharamasena replied.

Dharamasena said he pointed out six after consulting the other party officials. Then I consulted the leg umpire (Erasmus) through the communication system heard by all the other referees and the match referee. Although they can’t verify THE TV replays, they all confirmed that the batters have completed the second run. This is when I made my decision.

Simen Taufel Says:

Taufel told Fox Sports Australia that the referees made a “clear mistake”. As the batsmen had not crossed crease for their second run. But the Australian also defended the referees of the match, who said he had to make a complicated judgment. And said it would be “unfair” to say that the decision altered the outcome of the tournament, as it was impossible now what would have happened in the final. The balls had been five awarded.