There Should be another Super-over, Says Sachin Tendulkar

Indian cricket legend known as the little master suggests that there should be another super over. Sachin Tendulkar, after expressing his displeasure with ICC ODI rules, suggested another alternative to decide the winner.

The 46-year-old Superstar and legend suggested that instead of the number of limits scored in one inning was the tiebreaker in a super. The cricket officials should allow performing another super over to be bowled.

Sachin Said: I feel there should be another super to decide the winner, rather than considering the number of boundaries scored by both teams. Not just in a World Cup final it’s not an ODI series, its Mega Event. Every game is important. Like in football, when teams spend extra time, nothing else matters so why should happen in cricket.

England’s final against New Zealand annoyed numerous cricket experts. Who called the boundary rule ridiculous and unfair also. Besides, a lot of blunders made by umpires cause damage to New Zealand.

Earlier, on Sunday, England was named the winner of the 2019 ICC World Cup after a moving final against the Kiwis, where the two teams tied up even after the super final, after which the host lifted the trophy for having more boundaries. Sachin said this should never happen again we wish.