The decision to retire from cricket was hasty, says Ambati Rayudu

The decision to retire from cricket was hasty, says Ambati Rayudu

Ambati Rayudu said his decision to retire from all forms of cricket was “hasty” and that talks with “good people” convinced him to overturn that decision.

Rayudu announces his decision to hang up his boots in July after Mayank Agarwal was selected to the 2019 Indian World Cup squad ahead of him after an injury at Vijay Shankar. However, he soon reversed that decision after the conclusion of the tournament.

Rayudu said he was in contact with CSK management and former V.V.S. players Laxman and Noel David overtime after their decision to retire from all formats. “Good people speaks to me and said maybe it’s not the right time,” Rayudu said.

“The management of CSK, Laxman Bhai, Noel bhai spoke to me constantly, and eventually I felt that what they said made sense. I felt why I should give up something I’ve worked on for 20 years to get to where I am. So obviously I thought about it and thought maybe it’s a little selfish of me to go ahead without giving anything back to the game while I can still play. I’m still fit, and I can still play, so I think maybe (the decision) was a little rushed,” he added.

Ambati Rayudu

“I was very disappointed, I mean, anyone would be because I had worked so hard for it. He was very prepared for that specific role in number 4, but maybe his idea of number 4 might have suddenly changed. Maybe they just wanted something else, and I’m not so sure.”

It was a very disappointing moment for me, but I’m sure they must have had some combinations or plans in mind. I was very, very prepared to play the World Cup, to be honest.

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