T20 2020 World Cup Qualifier Schedule

T20 2020 World Cup Qualifier Schedule

The International Cricket Council announced the schedule for the upcoming T20 2020 World Cup qualifier schedule on Wednesday. The tournament will be held in the United Arab Emirates in which 14 teams will participate. All matches of T20 2020 Qualifiers will convene in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from October 18 to November 2.

The 14 participating teams are host UAE, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Oman, Jersey, Papua New Guinea, Namibia, Kenya, Singapore, Canada and Bermuda – who progressed through regional qualifications. Nigeria beat Zimbabwe in the tournament due to a subsequent suspension from the ICC.

The top six countries in the tournament will qualify for the T20 2020 World Cup in Australia, where they will take Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to the tournament. “The first round.” The top four sides of which will qualify for the main stage will include” Tournament.


Grouping of T20 2020 Qualifiers

On the qualifier, 14 countries will be divided into two groups of seven. The team’s sowing is based on the T20I ranking at the end of August. Group A includes both finalists of the previous version of the qualifier; Namibia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Bermuda with Netherlands and Scotland. Group B will be located in Abu Dhabi and will include UAE, Ireland as well as Oman, Hong Kong, Canada, New Jersey and Nigeria.


Group A for T20 2020 World Cup Qualifiers


  • Namibia
  • Kenya
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Singapore
  • Bermuda
  • Netherlands
  • Scotland

Group A for T20 2020 World Cup Qualifiers


  • UAE
  • Ireland
  • Oman
  • Hong Kong
  • Canada
  • New Jersey
  • Nigeria

The winners of both groups will reach the semi-finals directly and qualify for certain feats. Three more teams from each group will also participate in the qualifying play-off to determine the other four qualifiers.

Schedule for T20 World Cup qualifiers:


October 18:

Scotland vs Singapore

The Netherlands vs Kenya

Hong Kong v Ireland

Oman vs UAE

October 19:

PNG v Bermuda

Netherlands v Namibia

Scotland vs Kenya

Jersey vs Nigeria

Ireland vs UAE

October 20:

PNG v Namibia

Bermuda v Singapore

Hong Kong v Oman

Canada v Jersey

October 21:

Scotland vs PNG

Kenya vs. Bermuda

Hong Kong vs UAE

Canada vs Nigeria

Ireland v Oman

October 22:

Scotland vs Namibia

Singapore v the Netherlands

UAE vs Jersey.

October 23: Namibia v Bermuda

Singapore v Kenya

Ireland vs Canada

Hong Kong vs. Jersey

Oman vs Nigeria

October 24:

Scotland vs Bermuda

Netherlands v PNG

The United Arab Emirates vs Nigeria

Hong Kong vs Canada

October 25:

PNG v Singapore

Namibia v Kenya

Oman vs Canada

Ireland vs. Jersey

October 26:

The Netherlands vs Bermuda

Namibia v Singapore

Ireland vs Nigeria

October 27:

PNG Vs Kenya

Scotland vs the Netherlands

Oman v Jersey

UAE V Canada (

Hong Kong v Nigeria

October 29:

Play-offs 1

A2 Vs B3

Play-off 2

A3 v B2

October 30:

Play-off 3

A4 vs Play-Off 1

Play-off 4

B4 Vs Loss of Play-off 2

October 31:

Play-offs for fifth and sixth place

Winner of Play-offs 3rd V Playoff winner 4, ICC1

November 1:

Semifinal 1

B1 Vs winner,

semi-final 2

A1 Vs winner of play-off1


November 2:

3rd place play-off

The defeat of semi-final one vs semi-final two-loss

Final of T20 2020 Qualifiers