Suresh Raina wants to teach cricket to the needy children

Suresh Raina wants to teach cricket to the needy children

Mahendra Singh Dhoni abruptly announced his retirement from international cricket. Right after that, Suresh Raina walked on the path shown by his dear friend. He said goodbye to international cricket.

The Indian middle-order batsman has also decided which career he will take up after retirement. Suresh Raina wants to devote himself to the betterment of Indian cricket. Suresh Raina wants to teach free cricket training to the destitute children of Jammu and Kashmir.

The political situation in Jammu and Kashmir has been in recession for a long time. Violence is a daily routine in present-day Jammu and Kashmir. As a result, the children there do not get enough opportunities to play cricket.

Suresh Raina himself wants to train them in cricket to bring these destitute children to the international level by providing them with ample opportunities. He wants to ensure that the financially backward children of Jammu and Kashmir can build cricket as their career.

Suresh Raina has sent a letter to Dilbagh Singh, DGP of the two Union Territories, stating his goal. In the letter, he has highlighted 5 main issues.

1. Talent needs to be brought from schools, colleges and remote areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

2. Junior cricketers have to take classes under skilled coaches.

3. Children need to be given mental strength classes.

4. Children need to focus on increasing their physical capacity.

5. Skill training should be done.

Suresh Raina further mentioned in the letter that he thinks cricket is not just a game. Raina believes that it teaches people to be patient, thereby increasing a person’s physical ability and character