Sunil Gavaskar says MS Dhoni must retire with respect

Sunil Gavaskar says MS Dhoni must retire with respect than being pushed out by selectors

During an interview with India Today, former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar stated that Mahendra Singh MS Dhoni international cricket career was over, therefore, the team needs to look beyond MS Dhoni.

Several cricketers, legends and selectors, including the first MSK Prasad selector, have commented on Dhoni’s future. Sunil Gavaskar also opined on Dhoni’s international cricket at a time when MS Dhoni’s international future has become a main topic of conversation.

Since India left the semi-final of the 2019 World Cup, following the 18-run loss to New Zealand, Dhoni was unavailable for the West Indies Indian tour selection in August, as it took a month and a half sabbatical to train with the Indian Army Regiment in Kashmir.

For the local series against South Africa as well, the veteran wicket bearer was made for the selection of the current T20I series while taking a vacation trip to the United States with his family.

Speaking about Dhoni’s future, Gavaskar told India Today: “No one knows what MSD thinks. Only he can clarify what he believes his future is with Indian cricket. However, I think now that he’s 38, India should look forward. Because by the time the next T20 World Cup arrives, he’ll be 39 years old.”

The former Indian cricketer also stated that the 38-year-old cricketer is over and should retire from international cricket with respect and dignity rather than being kicked out by the selectors.

Being kicked out by the selectors would be an insult and humiliation to one of India’s finest Indian captains, said the 1983 World Cup-winning Indian cricketer. Also, Gavaskar said that Dhoni’s presence in the countryside brings peace of mind aside because of his extensive experience.

Your value to the team will always be fantastic. Not just the runs you’ll score or the hits you’ll take. However, their general presence on the field will be reassuring to the captain because the captain gets the benefit of his views. So it’s a big plus. However, I think the time has come, Gavaskar said.

Finally, Gavaskar reiterated: Everyone has a useful life, and I believe with the utmost respect for Dhoni, and I am a fanatic like millions of people; I think he should leave without being expelled. It would help if you went alone.
However, selection boss MSK Prasad had reiterated his statement saying that “the legendary player” knows when to retire.

Meanwhile, before the South African series began, Virat Kohli also told Star Sports that retirement decisions are entirely personal while indicating that Dhoni remains very valuable for the Indian cricket team.

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