Stokes Hits Back at Pakistani Cricketer on World Cup 2019 Controversy

Ben Stokes hits back at former Pakistani cricketer over 2019 World Cup controversy

England’s almighty Ben Stokes questioned India’s approach, with the bat, during the 2019 World Cup match between the two sides, leading to great tone and crying in the mainstream and digital media in recent days. Stokes had published a book entitled ‘On Fire’ where he talks about all the matches played by the England team during their triumphant World Cup campaign.

Former Pakistan cricketer Sikandar Bakht also joined the conversation by sharing an old video with a legend who claimed that India had deliberately lost the match according to Stokes. While Ben Stokes hits back with a reply on twitter at the Former Pakistani Cricketer over the 2019 world cup controversy.

“Ben Stokes writes in his book that India deliberately lost to England to get Pakistan out of the 2019 World Cup,” Bakht said.

This clearly did not go well with Stokes, who quoted the tweet of a user who pointed out Bakht’s tweet, saying that these observations can only be considered as “word twisting” or “click bait”.


According to the flamboyant cricketer, the way they played starter Rohit Sharma and Captain Virat Kohli was disconcerting and at the same time said wicketkeeper WS fighter Dhoni showed no intention of winning the game. But he never said the Blue Men deliberately lost the game.

Sharma hit 102 but India failed to reach its 338-race goal in the 31-race loss at Edgbaston.

Kohli’s team seemed able to make a record World Cup chase in 198 for two of 36 overs, only to lose the plot in the last 10 overs.

It should be noted that if India had defeated England, it would have increased the chances of Pakistan entering the semi-finals of the event.