Steve Smith Looking to Break Don Bradman’s 89 Years Old Record

Steve Smith Looking to Break Don Bradman 89 Years Old Record

The comparison between Steve Smith and the legendary Don Bradman has made its way since the latter’s return to Tests. After serving the one-year ban, Steve Smith returned to the current Ashes tests and took the lead. In the previous Ashes test, he scored centuries in both innings and hasn’t looked back since. So many people are curious will a miracle happen can Steve smith break Don Bradman 89 years old record in Ashes test series.

Steve Smith now has the opportunity to break Don Bradman’s record in the 1930 Ashes. Smith will have the chance to break Bradman’s record of scoring the most points in a single game. The former Australian skipper must do very well, even by his standards, to break Bradman’s record.

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So far, Smith has scored 671 points at 134.2. That’s remarkable considering he missed three innings because of a delayed concussion. The right-hander needs only 99 runs in the fifth Ash Test to make it the most prolific series of his life. However, he needed 304 points to improve Bradman’s 974-point mark in 1930.

Admittedly, it is difficult to score 304 in a single game, but it is not at all impossible, especially for Smith who beats like a dream. In the fourth Ashes Test, Smith scored 293 points while leading Australia to victory. This 82 is his lowest score in the series, and we can understand the shape in which he is.

The oval, which hosts the fifth Test, also has a happy memory for Smith. This is where he scored his first tone test in 2013. With his form at his side, Smith will no doubt try to break Bradman’s record.

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Australia, meanwhile, has already held back the ashes after winning the fourth Test. They took an unmatched 2-1 lead in the series after beating England by 185 points in Manchester. It is the first time since 2011 that Australia has left England without losing its ashes.