Sri Lankan Board Pressurizing their Players to Tour Pakistan

Sri Lankan Board Pressurizing their Players to Tour Pakistan

The Sri Lankan Board has started pressurizing its players for the upcoming tour of Pakistan where the team has to play 3 ODIs and 3 T20 matches. However, some players are still on the fence about the trip to Pakistan and want to feature in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) instead.

The CPL 2019 is scheduled to start on September 4, which will collide with the dates of the Pakistan tour. To protest the demands of the players, Sri Lankans have stopped issuing No Objection Certificates (NOCs) to their players for CPL, unless there is a meeting between the board and the players.

About 30 players have been called by the board who are in contention for the Pakistan tour and will be told in clear terms what is expected of them.

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Earlier, reports had suggested that the Sri Lankan Board had issued NOCs only on the condition that these players would come to Pakistan if required by the national team. Now, however, players want to play the entire season without any terms or conditions.