Sri Lanka is Likely to Host Asia Cup 2023

Sri Lanka is Likely to Host Asia Cup 2023

Due to epidemics and schedule complications, the actual situation for this year’s Asia Cup was not like that. As Asia Cup 2021 officially canceled, Sri Lanka is Likely to Host Asia Cup 2023 after ICC World Cup 2023. Whereas Pakistan is likely to host Asia Cup 2021.

Ashley de Silva, chief executive of the host Sri Lanka Cricket Board, ruled out any possibility, before the 2023 ODI World Cup, he does not see a blank schedule for this tournament. The official told AFP on Wednesday that the tournament was not going to be held for good reason, adding that “due to the current situation, it is not possible to host the Asia Cup in June.”

There is no blank schedule after June. Therefore, there is no possibility of the Asia Cup before the 2023 ODI World Cup, said Ashley. The second wave of corona hit each of the countries participating in the Asia Cup. The situation in Sri Lanka is relatively good. Bio-safety zones could have been set up there, but schedule complexity has also been a major factor.

Reigning champions India will play New Zealand in the final of the World Test Championship in England in June. Then they have a five-Test series against England. The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) does not consider it beneficial to host the Asia Cup without India or any other Indian team.

With the ICC tournaments ahead, the Asia Cup is coming to a close. With the 2019 World Cup looming, the last Asia Cup was in the 2016 ODI edition. India was hosting the Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates.

The Asia Cup of the T20 edition was supposed to take place before the T20 World Cup in 2020. It was postponed for a year due to the epidemic. Now it is not possible to do that. Until the 2023 ODI World Cup, each team has a lot of scheduled series in the FTP. In addition to the World Test Championship, there are also ODI Super League games. Ashley de Silva finds it very difficult to find time for the next two years for the Asia Cup.