Sri Lanka Even To Lose to India ‘C’ team Says Kamran Akmal

Sri Lanka Even To Lose to India ‘C’ team Says Kamran Akmal

Akmal thinks that it would be stronger than many other countries if he made the XI with the players on the bench excluding the key players of India. At the same time, Kamran Akmal on the Sri Lankan Cricket team said that Sri Lanka will even lose to India’s ‘C’ team.

India’s main team will be there to play the series against England. At the same time, there is a series against the Lankans in India, where India will send their second-tier team. Kamran Akmal thinks that their ‘C’ team is also very strong as India has a lot of backup cricketers.

Akmal thinks that India has come to this position only by emphasizing grassroots cricket. At the same time, he wants to give credit to former Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid for this.

Akmal said, ‘The whole credit belongs to India. Their two teams will play the series in two different countries at about the same time. Their cricket culture is so strong that they can field three teams together if they want and can afford to beat any team. And all this has been possible because they have emphasized grassroots cricket.

He doesn’t think India will have to pick up the pace in the future with the captaincy. Akmal said, ‘Dhoni and Kohli have brought the team so far as captains. In Kohli’s break, Rohit Sharma is also performing properly. If Rohit is also injured then KL Rahul is qualified to lead the team.

Finally, Kamran Akmal said, “If India sends their C team, Sri Lanka will lose to them.” Sri Lanka has already lost to Bangladesh.