Sri Lanka Cricket Board Going to Organize the T-10 league

Sri Lanka Cricket Board Going to Organize the T-10 league

After much controversy and drama, the Sri Lankan Premier League (LPL) has finally come to the fore. So far the tournament is going quite well. Sri Lanka Cricket Board Authorities are now focusing on organizing the T-10 league as the LPL 2020 tournament has been successfully organized.

T-10 cricket was first invented by the UAE in 2016. The short format of cricket has already received quite a response. The Qatar T-10 Cricket League has already been held. This time the Sri Lankan Cricket Board is following the same path.

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They are in favor of organizing the T-10 league next year. But nothing is final yet. These things are being discussed quite loudly. The authorities have chosen February next year as the probable time. The event could be held soon after the England series at home.

Confirming the matter, Sri Lankan Cricket Board chief Robin Vikramaratne told reporters, “It is true that plans are afoot to host the T-10. The subject is new to us. Efforts are underway to host in February after next year’s England series. We will continue to try to organize it as soon as possible.