South African Cricket under Government Control

South African Cricket under Government Control

The South African government has shouldered the responsibility of cricket. South African Cricket under Government Control, as a result, the Proteas could lose their ability to play cricket at the international level under ICC rules. Cricket website CricketBuzz said it had received a letter from Cricket South Africa (CSA) from the SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee).

Where the CSA board, the acting chief executive of the board, the CFO, and the COO have been asked to step down. An investigation by the SASCOC has revealed evidence of cricket South Africa’s mismanagement and misconduct.

The SASCOC said the CSA has lost the credibility and confidence of the people, stakeholders, sponsors, and South African Cricketers Association cricketers through various unjust activities. All in all, it has tarnished cricket.

The SASCOC maintains relations between the state and the sports federation. So they have the authority to bring the CSA administration under their control. The decision was taken at a meeting of the SASCOC on Tuesday.

The CSA and ICC have not yet commented on the issue. Incidentally, ICC rules state that if a cricketer interferes in the running of a country’s cricket board, they may lose the status of playing cricket at the international level. On this issue, however, there is no barrier for South African cricketers to play in the IPL or other leagues.