Skill are more important than fitness says umar akmal

Skills are More Important than Fitness, Says Umar Akmal

Pakistan’s mid-order hitter Umar Akmal said a player’s skills are more important compared to fitness standards. While speaking in an exclusive interview with News Channel, the 29-year-old, Umar Akmal stated that he had not had enough opportunities and hoped the new system would rectify the situation.

-Umar Akmal on Skills and Fitness-

“I haven’t had enough chances. Now that the as new cricket system is in place, my best wishes are with them [PCB]. I hope you’ll give me a chance now. I will deliver my skill work to Pakistan.

Akmal stated that much emphasis placed on fitness rather than skills, which the mid-order batsman claimed was the wrong strategy.

“Skills should be seen first rather than Fitness because Fitness comes along with it. No one can say I’m not fit. I’m playing cricket a lot all over the world. I’m also playing top-notch cricket a lot, and I’m doing well. Therefore, skills should prioritize,” he said.

Akmal revealed that he was a different man and claimed that fans would see a new Umar Akmal when they witnessed him on and off the field in the future.

“I’ve changed a lot. My family has an important role in this. I haven’t made headlines or social media in the last three or four years. I’m trying to focus on my training and cricket now. That’s why my approach has shifted from other irrelevant things,” he said. You can say you’ll see a new Umar Akmal the next time my fans recognize me. I’m trying to reduce my off-field activities. I plan to give more time to my cricket and training.”

-Akmal on Misbah ul Haq-

The mid-order hitter believed that the appointment of Misbahul Haq as Pakistan’s new head coach would be beneficial to the team’s players.

“This would be very beneficial for cricket players. I’ve played departmental cricket a lot with him [Misbah]. When I started the cricket department, my role models were Misbah and Hafeez. They were leading the team at the time,” he said. They carried very well, and we won several trophies for SNGPL. My best wishes are with Misbah ul Haq to become the new head coach. I’m hoping you’ll play a useful role in the Pakistan team.”

Umar Akmal stated that it was available to Pakistan in all formats of the game and noted that Pakistan was his priority.

“I am available for all three cricket formats. My priority is Pakistan and then other leagues. If you’re playing for Pakistan and you’re doing well, then all the leagues come to you. Being part of the Pakistan team sends a good message to all leagues that this is the player you should keep in mind,” Umar said.

-Umar Akmal compare Virat Kohli-

When asked about career comparisons with Indian patron Virat Kohli, the mid-order batsman claimed that the difference reduced to the support provided by the two boards for their respective players.

“His [Kohli’s] cricket board gave him much support. They guided him and continue to guide him even now. I’m not saying. They didn’t support me. However, you know very well whom you back up and don’t back up the cricket board. He would ask for the cricket board to support his players. If you invest in a player, don’t drop it before the big tournaments,” he concluded.

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