Shoaib Malik: Pakistan will win the T20 World Cup this time

Pakistan will win the T20 World Cup this time, Says Shoaib Malik

The final decision on this year’s T20 World Cup may be taken at the meeting on July 10. Despite playing T20 World Cup in the midst of uncertainty, Pakistan is not ready to think of anything bad right now, according to the team’s cricketer Shoaib Malik, they have a good chance of winning this year’s T20 World Cup.


According to him, the current Pakistan team has everything it needs to win a tournament, so the Pakistani all-rounder is quite optimistic about the upcoming T20 World Cup.
Whether the T20 World Cup will be played on the field is still uncertain, the fate of the tournament to be held in Australia is shrouded in black clouds due to the coronavirus.

In a video of the cricket season Pak season, Shoaib Malik said, “I believe we have a good chance this time. The first thing you need to win a tournament like this is a strong bowling unit, I think we have that. We also have a batting line-up to give proper support to the bowling unit, ”he said.

Fitness and fielding are the things that the Pakistan team is focusing on the most now because sometimes the team gets ridiculed on these two issues. However, according to Shoaib Malik, the current team has made great improvements in fitness and fielding, which will come in handy at the World Cup.

“We have improved a lot in fielding he saidFielding is very important in Australia’s big field, our fitness is better now than in recent years. “I think we are in a good position as a team, we have a good chance of winning the tournament

We will have to wait a few more days to see if the T20 World Cup will be played on the field, but the Pakistan cricket team is not waiting for it. Pakistan will travel to England this month, where they will play three ODIs and a T20I match.