Shoaib Malik Lashed Out and Accused PCB of Nepotism

Shoaib Malik Lashed Out and Accused PCB of Nepotism

Shoaib Malik has lashed out at the Pakistan Cricket Board PCB and accused PCB of nepotism. The 39-year-old all-rounder claims that national team selection is based on personal acquaintances, not on the performance of the players.

In an interview with a Pakistani YouTube channel, Shoaib Malik said, “Pakistan’s cricket has a system of likes and dislikes. Currently, it is available in all countries. But in our cricket culture, it is the most eye-catching. The picture will change on the same day, regardless of who is known, the skill will be given priority in the selection of the team.

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The owner knows that these words put his career at risk. However, the veteran all-rounder thinks that it was his responsibility to reveal the truth even if he was on the side of his fellow cricketers.

In his words, ‘God knows what is in my destiny. That is not under anyone’s control. If I am no longer called to play, I will have no regrets. But now if I don’t raise my voice thinking about my teammates, I will definitely regret it. ‘