Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik Fulfill Wishes of Fan During Match, Global T20 Canada

With a Pakistani cricket feel, Shoaib Malik, currently in Canada for Global T20 Canda tournament recently visited his Instagram account to share a poignant video of his fans at his last match. Malik is playing the Global T20 Canada cricket tournament for the Canadian team, Vancouver Knights.

In the video uploaded by the former Pakistani captain, fans are seen running and grabbing the ball when a six-hit by the batsmen causes him to cross the border and land in the crowd.

When Malik goes to get the ball, fans refuse to give it to him unless he takes a selfie with them. The cricketer, fulfilling the wishes of the fans, is seen taking a selfie as the fans return the ball very happy while the commentators applaud the cricketer for his rewarding gesture saying Beautiful, brilliant things.

Shoaib Malik uploaded the video with the subtitle “Fans”.