Shakib Al Hasan announces Shakib Al Hasan Foundation

Shakib Al Hasan announces Shakib Al Hasan Foundation

Another great initiative during the Corona period was The Shakib Al Hasan Foundation. The foundation, founded by Tiger all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan, has started providing ambulance services to make the burial of the dead easier in Corona. The Mastul Foundation, which has already provided services with its own funds, will take care of the burial work.

There has been a lot of suffering from the beginning about burying the dead in Corona. In many cases, families do not come forward because the epidemic virus is so contagious. In that case, social organizations have come forward to do this humanitarian work all over the country. They have the same Mast Foundation.

This social organization registered with the government of Bangladesh works with helpless, oppressed, and disadvantaged people. They run several schools under their own supervision. Assists poor students with all school materials including regular school bags, shoes, socks, books, notebooks. The foundation also works to ensure the health and nutrition of children.

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The Mastul Foundation plays an active role in the burial of the dead during the coronation period. They suffer to run activities in a hired ambulance. Barrister Chishti Iqbal, the chief adviser of The Shakib Al Hasan Foundation, noticed that. After that, after discussing with Shakib, it was decided to provide an ambulance service on behalf of ‘The Shakib Al Hasan Foundation’.

Shakib Al Hasan confirmed the matter in a post on his official Facebook page. He writes, ‘Kazi Riaz Rahman, the founder (of the Mastul Foundation), said that at present they have completed the burial of 19 dead people in Corona and they are renting an ambulance with their own money, which was becoming very difficult for them. He added that if they had their own ambulance, they would be able to assist in the burial of the victims in Corona.

‘The Shakib Al Hassan Foundation and the Mastul Foundation have not decided together that ambulance services should be provided to patients with corona as soon as possible. Alhamdulillah, we have come before you with this service. If you want, you can also extend a helping hand in this service of the Mastul Foundation in this crisis of the country.