Shahid Afridi Mocks Gautam Gambhir on His Tweet

Shahid Afridi Mocks Gautam Gambhir on His Tweet

Gautam Gambhir and former Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi continue to engage in a war of words on Twitter. Since their fight on the field at an ODI in 2007, the two have not given each other a single opportunity to mock or drag each other. In his latest online brawl, Gambhir criticized Afridi after Afridi again commented on Kashmir.

After India’s decision to revoke Article 370, the tension between the two nations had increased further. Pakistan was unhappy with the decision, but India did not pay attention to it. Earlier, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a 30-minute event each week to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir. Shortly after the announcement, here’s what Afridi tweeted

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“Let us respond to the Prime Minister’s call for the time of Kashmir as a nation. I’ll be at Mazar e Quaid at 12 o’clock on Friday. Join me in expressing our solidarity with our brothers in Kashmir. On September 6, I will visit a Shaheed. I will soon visit LoC (sic). “

In response, Gambhir Mocks Afridi

In this image, Shahid Afridi asks Shahid Afridi what Shahid Afridi should do next to embarrass Shahid Afridi so that it is irrefutably proven that Shahid Afridi refused to mature. I order online tutorials on kindergarten for help.

The versatile player then took a sarcastic touch to the BJP MP from East Delhi by publishing a quote from former Indian mental conditioning coach Paddy Upton.

Gautam Gambhir Replies


While Shahid Afridi Mocks Gautham Gambhir

Shahid Afridi wrote: “Change of weather in Karachi, rain in the air. So every time Gautam tries to make himself relevant, it reminds me…”

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In his book “The Barefoot Coach,” Upton said Gambhir was “one of the weakest and most mentally unstable people” he had met.

Shahid Afridi Replies