Shahid Afridi Blame IPL Franchises for Pressuring Sri Lanka

Shahid Afridi Blame IPL Franchises for Pressuring Sri Lanka Players for not Touring Pakistan

Former Pakistani captain, Shahid Afridi blame the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises for pressuring Sri Lanka’s top cricketers for not touring Pakistan. On Thursday, the Sri Lanka cricket board confirmed that the team would travel to Pakistan despite fears that terrorist attacks may target players during the six-match visit.

Afridi, who allegedly spoke with some Sri Lankan players, told him that they did not want to tour Pakistan and even participate in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), but that they cannot do so due to pressure from IPL franchises. In a video interview, Afridi stated that the IPL threatened not to give a contract to Sri Lankan players if they toured Pakistan.

“Sri Lankan players are under pressure from IPL franchises. I spoke to Sri Lankan players last time when they talked about coming to Pakistan and playing on PSL. They said they wanted to come, but the IPL boys say that if you go to Pakistan, we won’t give you a contract,” Afridi said, as cited by a high-ranking Pakistani journalist.

“Pakistan has always supported SL, and it never happened that we had a tour of SL and our players rested. The SL board should pressure its contracted players to go to Pakistan. The SL players who will come will always remember in the history of Pakistan,” Afridi added.

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