Shaheen Shah Afridi To Marry Shahid Afridi’s Daughter

Shaheen Shah Afridi To Marry Shahid Afridi’s Daughter Anshra Afridi 

Young Pakistani fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi is going to marry Shahid Afridi’s daughter Anshra. The Pakistani media has confirmed the matter with the consent of both the parties. Shaheen Shah Afridi’s father Ayaz Khan himself has confirmed his son’s marriage (Shaheen Shah Afridi) to Shahid Afridi’s daughter (Anshra).

Ayaz Khan said the friendship between the two families has been going on for a long time. We proposed marriage first. They also agreed. The engagement ceremony will be over soon. However, it is also known that not all the formalities will be done now. For now, the engagement will be fine. The marriage will be formalized two more years later.

Shaheen Shah Afridi Engagement with Anshra (Shahid Afridi Daughter)

Pakistani Start Shaheen Shah Afridi and Shahid Khan Afridi Daughter Anshra to be engaged in two years. The delay in the engagement is due to the study of Shahid Afridi daughter Anshra.

Shaheen, a 20-year-old fast bowler, entered the international arena in 2016 in a Pakistani jersey. So far, he has played 15 Tests, 22 ODIs and 21 International Twenty20s.