Indian fans bash ICC, BCCI for disrespecting Rahul Dravid

Indian fans criticize ICC, BCCI for disrespecting Rahul Dravid

Indian cricket fans criticize both ICC and BCCI on Twitter in two separate instances: firstly, for the fact that ICC included Rahul Dravid in the Hall of Fame section of their website and, secondly, by the BCCI to submit a photo of Dravid and Shastri as “two greats of Indian cricket”. Dravid was seen at Team India’s training session on Friday.

In 2018, Dravid became the fifth Indian to be inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame. However, he appears on the ICC website as a left-handed hitter, leading many Indian fans to get upset.

Rahul Dravid played 164 Test Matches and 344 ODI for India from 1996 to 2012 and earned a total of 24,177-runs in both formats.

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