SCG to Offer Free Wi-Fi in T20 World Cup 2020

SCG to Offer Free Wi-Fi in T20 World Cup 2020

The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) will offer free Wi-Fi in T20 2020 world cup to cricket fans in the stadium during next year’s ICC T20 World Cup 2020 for the men’s and women’s tournaments. SCG introduced Wi-Fi technology on New Year’s Eve during a test match between India and Australia from January 3, 2019.

The government has taken this step to provide free Wi-Fi for the T20 2020 World Cup. It will be the first spectator installation in the Southern Hemisphere to offer fans free Wi-Fi and an extensive IPTV network.

“The Wi-Fi upgrade is just one step in Sydney’s preparation for the ICC T20 World Cup, which will bring together the best cricketers on the planet in our big city in 2020. The fans are delighted that the NSW government has supported the interests of so many sports fans as we continue to work for a bright future for Sydney’s major event venues,” said SCG’s Executive Director, Kerrie Mather.

New South Wales Sports Minister Stuart Ayres stressed the importance of improving technology in the stadium as well as in sports.

“Technology is now such an important thing of the sporting experience. Technological improvements to our T20 World Cup were a key element, which is a great victory for sports fans,” said NSW Sports Minister Stuart Ayres.